Good news!  Since I am now entering a more stable career in terms of my personal life, Chronic Demonic will have much more time to prepare for it’s upcoming reign in the Sault Music Scene!  We have a few songs selected to complete a half hour set and just need time to perfect them.  I have been working on some originals that I don’t know if I will be using in this project, or one that I have on the back burner.  Oh, this will be crushing my minions!  STAY DE-TUNED!

Listen to Metal.


Greetings minions…

I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a few months now, but haven’t ever remembered to do it until I was back in the bush!  I thought it would be neat to write about various strange things that happened to me during my job this summer.  I was/am a Forestry Field Technician and have been deployed all over Ontario doing FRI surveys.  Along the way, some pretty crazy things happened.  I’m not intending on getting too in depth with the stories; just simple stuff.  Anyways, I’m more than certain I will forget most of the things I wanted to write about, so here we go!

Evil in Capreol

Capreol is a little town north of Sudbury, Ontario.  My colleague and I worked most of the summer in this area this summer and ended up using the same campsite several times.  Each stint was roughly 10 days, so we would be tenting 9 nights in the woods each stint.  Most of the time, it was pretty casual and there was no issues.. but sometimes, there was something weird going on.

One night, we were enjoying a few too many beers around the fire, excited about being able to come home the next day.  We ended up having deep meaningless conversation about nothing specific and I noticed a flash.  I know what  I saw, but it didn’t stand out at all.  I thought, maybe I blinked and my eyes thought it saw a flash of light.  My partner didn’t notice it, nor did I ask if he did.  About an hour or so later, we were both sitting by the fire and BAM!.. a massive flash hits the campsite again.  Understand this, we are alone.  There is no-one remotely close to us and this flash was something we both noticed.  We got up and tried to figure out what could have caused this flash?  Neither of us found any evidence of anything but we came up with some conclusions.  Either someone was taking pictures of us, or it was some form of a meteor shower.  The flash of a camera was not the answer since this flash lit up the entire area.. while the flash from a camera (we tested it) only lit up a small area.  The meteor shower was plausible since there was some action the night before.. We thought maybe one blew up above us and we managed to catch the flash.. Either one of these scenarios is what happened, or we were mind probed by aliens…

The next incident  also happened in the same area.. I found this one to be much more disturbing.  One night my partner and I were fast asleep in our tents.. I was camping in the northern end of our campsite and he was 40 meters away to the south of me.  Around 5 am I heard footsteps shuffling around.  I thought nothing of it, since I thought it must have just been my partner going to the washroom.  Well, it turns out.. I asked him about it in the morning while making a joke that it must have been cold out and he replied that he thought it was me!  This means that we both heard the same sound, but it wasn’t either one of us!  Looking back on it, the footsteps were very irregular.. almost like whatever it was, or whoever it was didn’t really have a goal in mind.  It was a very strange walking pattern that was bipedal.  Clearly 2 feet.. not an animal.  It was pretty freaky.  What made it even scarier was that the night before this all happened, I was playing with a night vision monocular my uncle got me and I swear I saw 2 eyes reflecting at me from the bush!  The problem was, that they were roughly 6 ft or higher off the ground, and went back into the bush once I saw it.  Okay, obviously I thought it might have been a deer or a moose at first that took off, but my mind was instantly thinking “Sasquatch“.

Before all this chaos started at this site, we also had a night of very random sounds that added to the “Sasquatch” theory.  We were just getting into our tents and heard sounds of someone throwing rocks into the water.  When I say rocks, I mean boulders.  These were just loud aggressive sounds of something throwing things into the water.  It was a little unsettling hearing this knowing we were both in our tents.  It turns out that we were right when we thought it was just a beaver slapping it’s tail in the water.. but that’s what those “Sasquatch” creatures want you to think.  Are we ever really alone?  This happened several more times throughout the summer.

To make matters worse for my already over-reactive imagination.. a few weeks later we were camping about 45 minutes away from the site mentioned above, and I was awakened to the sound of something hitting my tent.  At first, I thought it was just an odd pine cone that fell and hit my tent.. but it kept happening.. smack!..smack!..smack!..SMACK!  My attention was 100% once I realized what was happening and I shot right up.  It was roughly 6 am and I knew my partner wasn’t awake.  We were leaving that day to head home, so I thought maybe he got up and started packing and wanted me up.  The problem with that theory was that I never was up second on home day.  I shouted my partners name to see if it was him, and I got no reply.. However, another cone or stick hit my tent.  I was freaked right out!  I got up and put my clothes on and got out of the tent.  I was still very tired, but could have sworn I saw something in the corner of my eye take off.  I did the famous double take to make sure I wasn’t crazy but I didn’t see anything.  I woke my partner up to see if he heard anything and he didn’t.  We came to the conclusion that it was a squirrel dropping cones on my tent, but to this day I believe it was something else..

I Don’t Think We Are Alone In Searchmont..

Searchmont is located 45 minutes north of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.  This was back a few months, but it was damn evil.  I was working with a different partner at this point and was camping with another crew.  The other crew went for a joy ride or something and were gone for several hours.  My partner was a pretty uneventful person, so naturally they went to bed leaving me bored.  I followed suit, went to my tent and read/wrote until I fell asleep.  I woke up around 11:45 pm and was hearing some strange sounds.  All of a sudden, I heard a large animal moving very quickly close to our campsite.  I thought I heard something going through cans and pots that were just laying around the fire pit before making a loud howl/growl and run down the road.  It didn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard before in my life.  I was pretty scared that something was so close to us and I had no idea what it was.  I naturally thought it was a raccoon at first (which was fine) but when it made the sound(s) and started to run very quickly.. I knew it was something else.  I thought it might have been a moose, or a wolf.  I know, those are pretty far from each other in terms of animal design and size but I was literally 100% uncertain what it was.  My mind was telling me it was a werewolf or Bigfoot and that I was going to be eaten/killed.  I dismissed these thoughts and waited for it to come back.. It didn’t come back unfortunately.  About 20 minutes after this happened, the other crew got back and ended this random experience just as fast as it started.

The Floor is Moving!..

So back in the Sudbury district, I had a very interesting night one evening.  I was fast asleep on my cot getting a good nights rest when I heard some strange sounds coming from my own tent!  I woke myself from a deep sleep and started to focus on what these sounds could be.  It sounded like something moving a little, then stopping.. then move again, and stop.  I was just so out of it I couldn’t understand what I was hearing!  I turned on my flashlight and started looking around the floor.  I didn’t see anything, so I turned it off and went back to sleep.  I woke up again hearing this same sound!  It was more annoying than anything, so I got to work to discover what this madness was.  It turns out that a toad was under my tent trying to get somewhere and was making tons of noise in the process.  I scared it to death when I put my hand on it.  It just lost it’s mind and started jumping everywhere (well the best you can jump while under a tent floor!).  What was scary about this whole experience was that all stint, toads would gather at my tent and try to climb it or go under it.  Every night there was at least 3-4 toads around and on my tent.  Not my partners, but just mine.  It had to have been witchcraft.

Outside of these few incidents, I can’t really think of anything else on the top of my head that was creepy.  I know lots of things happened this summer that was scary in different ways, but these were the more interesting stories.  So remember folks, when you go into the woods.. you are not alone and are most likely being watched by aliens, witches and Bigfoot.  They are all trying to eat you and probably will if you let your guard down.  Ahh, it’s been a great summer!  I hope you enjoyed this small collection of interesting stories!

Next time, I’ll tell you about the troll story.


Unstoppable (qp)

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I’m so vaguely happy things went the way they did.  I’m so glad that things worked out the way they did. Strict self preservation and determination are all one needs to find success. I’m so glad certain chapters have been written and closed forever.. Nothing but great things to come and I cannot wait.

Learned (qp)

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You learn pretty quick who you can trust in this world we live in.


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Oh I’m on to you like a spider attending a fly caught in it’s web.  You will not escape.. you will not succeed in your ways.

Good news minions.  I have an awesome idea for a post when I get home.  I’m going to write a story of all my adventures this summer!  It shall be glorious!!  Stay detuned!



We are the new breed.  We are the future.  Prepare yourself for the rebirth of the beast.  There is no stopping us now.

This is the name of my band, for the record haha.  We formed earlier this year and have been working on progressing our sound and setlist.  We are currently writing new originals and still just enjoying getting together to make music.  We have been off to a slow start due to work obligations but have made arrangments to allow the project to blossom in Novemember.  Nothing is official as of yet, but announcements will be made soon enough.  Stay ‘de-tuned’ for more updates in the future!

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Well, I’m glad that shit is over with!

After 3 or 4 wimpy posts, I am confident in saying that things will start to get back to normal around here!  So thank you for following my non-sense and prepare to get back to the roots of this whole bloggy thing.  I will be posting some stuff about relevant things going on in my life very soon.  Oh, I have so much good things to talk about, minions.  Just you wait!

Well, I gotta jet.. These beer bottles won’t return themselves!